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Designated Pilot Examiner - Private, Commercial, Instrument, ASEL, AMEL, ATP AMEL, Mil. Comp.
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Military Comp.

I have a special place in my heart for military helicopter pilots, as I was an Army paratrooper “ground pounder” in S. Vietnam, assigned to an infantry battalion, with a back pack radio calling in resupply, medivac, airstrikes and artillery.  I have experienced insertion and extraction from hot L.Z.s and appreciate what you guys do for a living.

Each applicant must present knowledge test results, a photo ID, and the acceptable records for each of the various Armed Services listed below.

If an applicant has ever held an FAA Airman's Certificate, including a Student Pilot Certificate, that certificate must be presented when applying for a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

 Service Acceptable Records
 U.S.Air Force     Individual flightcrew record (computer printout)
AF Form 8, Certificate of Aircrew Qualification
 U.S. Army ARMY Form DA-759, Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate - Army
 U.S. Coast Guard OPNAVFORM 3710‑31, Aviators Flight Log Book; verification of Instrument qualification is located in the  section designated “Qualification and Achievements”
 U.S. Marines and
 U.S. Navy
OPNAVFORM 3760‑31, Aviators Flight Logbook
OPNAV 3710/2, NATOPS Instrument Rating Request or
OPNAV 3760/32 (REV 4‑81), NATOPS Flight Personnel Training and Qualification Jacket

The fee is $75 per certificate issued for 4 or less applicants.  For 5 or more applicants, the fee is $50 per certificate.
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